What to expect on a Cruise

Carnival SpiritWhether it is a 3 star, 4 star or a luxury 5 star cruise you’re boarding, the perks and activities on a cruise are almost endless, with something in store for young, old and everyone in between. Kids are definitely spoilt for choice on ships, but it is important to take the ages into consideration before you book as some cruise liners have more specific activities for teens compared to toddlers.

The recreational activities on the Carnival Cruise Line, for example, are inclined towards teens, but there are a handful of perks for kids under the age of 9 as well. The expansive outdoor pool, large water park, 10 whirlpools and 22 foot screen for movies is most inviting on Carnival, followed by a host of recreational fun divided into categories depending on age.

The Toddlers Group caters to kids between 2 and 5 years of age, and includes activities such as coloring and drawing, singing and artworks. The junior category consists of kids of ages between 6 and 8 and includes activities such as scavenger hunts and talent shows. Pre-teens and teens are welcome to indulge in a number of water based activities, rock wall climbing and even ice skating on some cruises.

Anytime is good to take a break from the bustle of everyday life, and setting sail on a cruise liner allows you to do just that! Most people returning from a cruise claim that they achieved a general sense of overall well-being as it is one of the most relaxing ways to vacation. For most passengers, the idea of sailing through clear waters and visiting exotic sites is an absolute thrill complimented with endless hours of pampering. Some of the more well knows names in the cruise industry are Cunard, Princess Cruises, P & O and the Holland America Line, Carnival and Royal Caribbean. And when it comes to relaxation, all are appointed with state of the art spa facilities.

Cruise ships have a number of different approaches for spas, with the two most common being on-board and land-based spa resorts. On-board spas are undoubtedly the easiest to get in to with creative spa treatments inspired by Eastern Traditions, high-tech cardio machines and fitness centres. These spa based cruises are best for travelers seeking an all inclusive vacation as these facilities are usually included in the package. Add to this a host of swimming pools, musical events and tantalizing dining options and you are going to find it hard to find somewhere better suited to relaxing and enjoying yourself.

If you are looking for a little adventure there are often casinos on board to play a hand or 2, shore excursions and deck games for all ages. Researching the activities you specifically desire prior to booking a cruise is key to a memorable experience.

Action is often an unlimited component on many cruise lines starting with Wii consoles streamed through large screens, special game kiosks for children, cooking classes and the Royal Caribbean’s full size boxing ring to name a few. That’s not all; there’s also surf and theme parks, innovative yoga, extensively kitted out gyms and skating rinks to explore.

Holland America Oosterdam deckDining is probably one of the best all-inclusive perks of cruises, and although it is free in most instances, there are a few packages that do require you to pay for snacks and beverages. Whatever the case maybe, the dining options on a ship include succulent world class dishes that are prepared by renowned chefs from different parts of the globe.

Over the last 10 years the number of people taking cruises has increased dramatically. This is reflected by the cruise companies building new, larger ships with more to do. These days a cruise ship is not just a boat, but a floating city, and like all good cities there are activities, decor, food and activities to cater for all age groups, styles and budget.

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