Cruise Destinations From Australia

Known as both the gateway to the Outback and the “Capital of the Pacific Rim” Sydney is as famous for it’s Opera House as for the friendly Sydney-siders who call the city home. Here we see Voyager of the Seas docked – the largest cruise liner to visit Australia. Cruise destinations out of Sydney are many and varied. You can stay local or travel the whole world.

Cruise Destinations from Sydney and all of AustraliaIt also boasts Sydney Harbour – one of the busiest ports in the world for cruises.

Australia is a booming market for the cruise industry and Sydney Harbour is the most popular port of departure in the country.

With cruises from Sydney departing on a regular basis and traveling to the far flung reaches of the Pacific and Asia, you may be wondering which destination is right for you and your family.

Take a look at the top 5 cruise destinations that are sailed to from Sydney to help you decide on the vacation experience of a lifetime!

South Pacific

Of all the cruise destinations from Australia, the South Pacific is far and away the most popular destination for Australians sailing from Sydney. In fact, the number of ships providing South Pacific itineraries has increased by more than 50% since 2009.

What this means for you is that the beauty, culture, and inimitable ambiance of these tropical paradises is accessible year-round.

With stops at charmingly named locales such as the Isle of Pines and Lifou you can trade your business suit for a bathing suit and indulge firsthand in some of the most breathtaking natural beauty the world has to offer.

Imagine: Snorkeling. Sun bathing. Or just wiggling your bare toes in spotless white sand.

A cruise to the South Pacific offers adventure and relaxation on your terms.

New Zealand

 Australia’s neighbor and friendly rival, New Zealand is an increasingly popular cruise destination for Australians. So much so, in fact, that according to the International Cruise Council the number of Australians cruising to New Zealand has grown by 700 percent since 2007!

This popularity spike can be explained in part by the increasing number of ships traveling to New Zealand’s breathtaking Fiordland National Park.

Occupying the southwest corner of the South Island of New Zealand, Fiordland National Park is the largest of New Zealand’s national parks and an UNESCO World Heritage site.

Boasting rugged, snowcapped mountains, primeval forests, and frigid lakes a cruise to New Zealand’s Fiordland National Park is perfect for the traveler with an adventurous side.


Papua New Guinea

 Located only 2,700 kilometers from Sydney, Papua New Guinea is a world away in terms of culture and geography.

One of the most isolated and culturally diverse locales on the globe, it wasn’t until recently that cruises began to operate regularly between Australia and its former territory.

A cruise to Papua New Guinea offers a truly unique experience as many of these cruises are scheduled to coincide with a number of the country’s traditional cultural festivals.

Visit in October, for example, and witness the sacred Canoe and Kundu Festival where local communities compete in vigorous canoe races.

The air rings with the bellow of a conch shell, teams of costumed men race past in their handmade canoes, you take a sip of your kava and realize that while it didn’t take you long to get here, you couldn’t feel farther away from home.

Embark on a cruise to Papua New Guinea and experience for yourself one of the Pacific’s most untamed, adventurous, and charming destinations.



Long regarded as a land of enchantment and mystery to outsiders, Asia is a veritable treasure trove of the beautiful, the beguiling, the weird, and the wonderful.

With ancient temples nestled against a backdrop of gleaming skyscrapers this region can look at once like somewhere time forgot and a place ripped straight from the pages of a sci-fi novel.

Asia thrills with excitement in its own special way.

You might find yourself lazing on the beach at Koh Samui one day, haggling for a bargain in a bustling street market in Bangkok the next, and dining on live octopus at a 4 star restaurant in Hong Kong by week’s end.

It’s all part of the experience of embarking on a cruise to Asia.

The number of cruises departing to Asia from Sydney is on the rise, and with destinations as varied as Phu My, Halong Bay, Singapore, and Hong Kong you’ll experience something new on every leg of the journey.



 “Familiarity breeds contempt” the old saying goes, and if not contempt perhaps at least a sort of indifference. After all, even the most “exotic” locale no doubt looks mundane to the person who calls it home.

If you’re interested in taking a cruise to “get away from it all”, you might be surprised to find that you need not look much beyond your own backyard to experience the adventure you crave.

The number of cruises departing from Sydney and Brisbane for local waters have surged in recent years, up 50% since 2006.

Circumnavigations, coastal itineraries, and short break cruises are all increasingly popular with Australians.

Generally shorter in duration than cruises bound for foreign waters, these local cruises can sail you through the Great Barrier Reef, spirit you to offshore islands, and introduce an Australian a side of their homeland they may not have known even existed.

If you’d like your adventure closer to home an Australian cruise is just the thing.

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