Cruises to Tahiti and Bora Bora


The South Pacific has long been the most reputable destination for cruises from Melbourne, Australia, as soon as you take into account the undeniable splendor or climate of the area it’s not unimaginable to appreciate precisely why. A trip to the South Pacific is a Odyssey into a domain that glides at an infinitely more tranquil pace than the hectic hustle and bustle of the every day grind. If you’re planning to reduce things down or just immerse your self in leisure time or care free recreation, making a reservation for a trip to the South-Pacific is the very first essential step. Cruises from Sydney to the South Pacific depart on a regular basis and 2 of the most well liked holiday spots on South Pacific itineraries are Tahiti and Bora Bora.


Cruise tahiti
Perhaps you are a cubicle dweller seeking to release your innermost beach bum? Tahiti is the spot to suit your needs.
Imagine strolling along any of Tahiti’s gothic-colored sand beaches, drink on hand, as the cool mist of an ocean breeze wafts over your face. The sky is impossibly sapphire and vast, snow-white clouds sail across it like huge alabaster ships. You pause beneath the shade of a palm tree to take this instant in, to maintain it, and while you do so you affirm that, indeed, Tahiti absolutely is heaven on earth.

Many locations don’t deliver on their buzz. Tahiti is one of the few on the globe that exceeds it. The biggest island of the Windward group of French Polynesia, Tahiti is the political, fiscal, and cultural heart of the region. Tahiti’s beauty and fascination are famous around the world, so don’t be shocked to find yourself stricken with a bad case of “love-at-first-sight” upon arrival. Never to fear, however, as you’ll reside in excellent company. The French artiste Paul Gauguin was so hugely enamored with Tahiti and its inhabitants he devoted quite a bit of the 1890’s on the island. During this sojourn he created various iconic artworks depicting Tahitian life — several of which you may choose to see at the Paul Gauguin Museum in Tahiti. Various other rewarding museums consist of the Museum of Tahiti and the Island, and the Robert Wan Pearl Museum – the world’s only museum focused entirely to pearls!

Besides relaxing on the seashore and appreciating top class museums just what else is there to enjoy on Tahiti? Quite a lot, but the one thing you shouldn’t ignore is a show of Tahiti’s famous Otea dance. Superficially resembling a faster-paced Hawaiian hula dance, the Otea brings together costumes, rhythm, and dance in a wonderful performance – a highlight of any visit to Tahiti.

Bora Bora

Cruises to Bora Bora
Located a short 240km from Tahiti, Bora Bora – like its bigger neighbor – is a dreamland of natural charm and tranquility. With two extinct volcanoes standing at the middle of the island, water as transparent as crystal lapping against vivid white fine sand beaches, and an enchanting local custom, Bora Bora is yet another South Pacific treasure that could be classified as paradise on earth.

The small island is flanked by a lagoon and barrier reef and so, as you would expect, scuba diving and snorkeling are common fun-based activities. What could appear as a pleasant surprise, though, are the shark-feeding dives designed for the more adventurous visitor. Ever before dreamt of being up close and personal with one of nature’s most feared predators? Here’s your occasion where you can do so in its own native environment.

After a full day of boating, sunning, or snorkeling (or potentially swimming for your life away from a hungry shark) you’ll likely be prepared for an excellent night’s rest. An overnight stay on Bora Bora is a special treat. Three decades back, Hotel Bora Bora constructed the very first over-the-water bungalows on stilts over the lagoon, these days these types of architectural curiosities are an ordinary feature of the majority of Bora Bora lodgings. With stairs that lead from the deck of your very own bungalow straight into the clear waters of the South Pacific, a stay at any of Bora Bora’s over-the-water bungalows brings together leisure and thus rest in such a way unlike any place else on the globe.

Sail the South Pacific
The dark sandy shoreline of Tahiti beckon you. The experience of a lifetime awaits you in the oceans of Bora Bora. A cruise to the South Pacific delivers leisure and exhilaration on your terms.
The recollections of your experience will be as precious to you as a precious Tahitian pearl.
Reserve a luxury cruise to the South Pacific now and set sail on a voyage you’ll remember forever.

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