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Imagine a vacation that combines the incredible sightseeing and cultural immersion of international travel, the luxury of a 4 star hotel, sumptuous dining, romantic escapes for mum and dad, entertainment for the kids, plus opportunities for family togetherness. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, it’s a dream waiting to come true when you book a cruise through Cruises Australia. Australia hosts some of the most popular ports of departure in the world. Sydney. Brisbane. Melbourne. Any one of these cities could be your gateway to excitement, adventure, and a vacation experience unlike any other. When you set sail on a Cruises Australia Cruise you aren’t just going on vacation. You’re embarking on an experience that will create memories that last a lifetime.

Setting Sail

If you’ve been undecided about whether or not to take a cruise now is the perfect time to set sail. Cruises from Australia are currently more popular than ever. In fact, according to a report published by the International Cruise Council more than 623,000 Australians took to the sea in 2011. And where were they headed? The most popular destination by far was the South Pacific – and no wonder! The South Pacific offers up natural beauty that most people only get glimpses of from postcards and travel documentaries. Try and picture for a moment the crystalline waters and pristine beaches of Tahiti, the Old World charm and tropical ambiance of Noumea, New Caledonia, or the unspoiled beauty of secluded Lifou Island and you’ll no doubt understand why so many Australians are traveling to these destinations. Cruises Australia

Places To Go

Perhaps you’re in the mood for something different? With routes that span the Pacific you’ll be spoiled for choices and there are cruises available to suit every taste. You can cruise to New Zealand and marvel at the 14 awe-inspiring fjords and five crystal-blue lakes of Fiordland National Park. You could set your sights for the Far East and immerse yourself in the heady mix of ancient traditions and cutting-edge technology that Tokyo has to offer. You could sail to Papua New Guinea and observe (or participate in!) esoteric tribal rituals or learn firsthand about the island’s verdant flora and unique fauna. You could decide to stay close to home and witness a side of Australia you’ve never seen before with a some of the trips offered by Cruises Australia to the incredible Great Barrier Reef. The variety available is truly amazing but each distinct cruise experience has one thing in common: you’ll love every minute of it. And by booking a shore and land excursion you can do more than observe these destinations from afar – you can experience them up close and personal. Many of the major cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean and Princess Cruises provide private car and van arrangements so you can enjoy the thrill of exploring a new world without the stress and hassle of navigating through it. Just remember to pack a camera with a fully charged battery. You’re going to be taking a lot of pictures.

Home Away From Home

Even with opportunities to stretch your legs back on land the fact remains that you and your family will be spending a lot of time together on your cruise ship. If you’re planning to be at sea for two weeks, three weeks, or even the better part of a month you’ll no doubt wonder what life is like onboard. With that much time spent onboard aren’t you likely to get bored? Not a chance! You just wait until you find out what activities are available on a Cruises Australia holiday. There’s so much to do and experience aboard your cruise ship you may find yourself wishing you could take out a mortgage on your room! One of the greatest joys of going on vacation is letting your self-control slip a little and dining on decadent and delicious dishes. And no one in the business does decadent and delicious better than Royal Caribbean. A Royal Caribbean cruise is about more than exploring the Pacific – it’s about taking your palette to new and exciting destinations. Every one of Royal Caribbean’s chefs are trained and certified by the American Culinary Federation, so whether you crave pizza or pastries, sushi or spaghetti you know you’ll be in for a treat. And with an incredibly flexible dining schedule there’s always a fresh and delicious meal ready when your hunger hits – day or night. Go ahead, indulge. You’re on holidays! After dinner is the perfect time to gear up for a night of entertainment. Whether you’re looking to laugh all night at a comedy club, put on your dancing shoes and strut your stuff out on the dance floor, or try your luck at the casino there’s an awesome amount of fun to be had aboard your cruise ship.  Carnival Cruises Seaside Theatre is a special treat: an open-air theatre screening popular films day and night. Are you a fan of live theatre? P&O Cruises stages well-known West End and Broadway shows. Plus, with guest performers roaming the deck there’s a chance you’ll meet your favorite celebrity. If you’re looking for a quieter, more contemplative experience you could spend some time in one of Holland America’s art galleries. When you spend two or three weeks at sea the question isn’t “Won’t I get bored?” but “How on earth am I going to have enough time to do everything!” What about the kids? Well journeys booked with Cruises Australia has something to offer all ages. If you’re traveling as a family you’ll be happy to know all major cruise lines offer engaging entertainment for every age. Let your youngsters thrill at meeting Shrek in person, get their hands messy making pizzas, hone their competitive skills in Xbox and Wii tournaments, polish their pipes at kids karaoke, or search for hidden treasure in a pirate themed treasure hunt. They’ll have countless stories to share with their friends back at school! And if your teenagers think the idea of family vacation is no vacation at all, don’t worry. Once they test themselves at the rock climbing wall, make new friends on the basketball court or at a pool party, and unwind at a teen spa or teens-only hang out they might decide that a family holiday on a cruise from Cruises Australia isn’t so bad after all. Embarking on a cruise is the one holiday that truly offers something for everyone. Book a cruise today with Cruises Australia and make your dream vacation a reality.

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